Search Indexes

Not all searches are created equal! Searches in Soundminer V5 can be categorized into two types: indexed full text and iterative. To help speed up searches on large databases, some of the fields are optimized by a process called “indexing” and searches that are done within these fields will be very fast. Most search terms entered in the FIND box will tell Soundminer V5 to search predetermined fields that have been indexed. For all databases these fields are by default: Filename, Pathname, Category, Description, and Keywords. As noted previously, the fields searched can be modified by visiting the MODIFY SEARCH INDEX in the DATABASE MENU.

When asking for searches in fields, as in the Right Panel, Advanced search, searches are iterative, meaning they look at each character for a match, which is not as fast.

Familiarizing yourself with this menu is important because from time to time, it is good maintenance to rebuild your Search index - and that can be accomplished by visiting the Field index menu above and uncheck and then check the same field and hit SAVE. This will kick off a new build and keep your database optimized.

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