Hammer & Wrench

The Hammer Wrench is what we call this nested sub menu item here just above the Waveform area on the left:

Additional settings and preferences are located here.

Apply Scanning Script is a specialty option that allows customized scanning documents be called on. It can be used to apply rules, content presets and the like in a pre-scanning script by utilizing the Script Engine.

Scan Finder Comment - We don’t know how long Apple will allow these older comments to come forward but we’ll hang on for as long as we can. Existing users should have embedded all their files before moving up to V5 because with 64-bit we can no longer scan for old mTools or legacy metadata.

Show Built in Scripts - this is an option one either checks or unchecked and it enables the Script Engine presets in the Contextual menu. Users can either edit these or make news one or request custom scripts (fees apply.)

Analyze Tempo and Pitch - As part of the growing DSP built into v4.5pro, automatic key and BPM detection has been added. Select your files and engage the auto-detection and these metadata fields will be filled in…

Scan Date Searches/Change Metadata Date Searches - Specialized date search routine allows librarians to better manage items by scan date or when modified. You even have a calendar view.

Lazy Load/AutoSuggest - are two Server routines that allow for faster loading of content on slower networks connected to Soundminer Server. These only applies when connected to Soundminer Server. Embed metadata on Transfers is an option that by default is checked. When unchecked converted audio is stripped of metadata.

Show files with Blank Artwork - a quick routine to find items in your library that are missing art data.

Build Overviews for Selected - a batch routine that allows you to build overviews on a selection of files.

Fix Extensions - another often used routine for those will old files without extensions. Note with 64-bit and new systems Apple may not even recognize audio without the extension. You run this over a folder of files before scanning, and it’ll append extensions so that when the scanner rolls over them, they will be recognized.

Wipe Metadata - allows you to wholesale remove all metadata from a selected directory of files.

Check AAF Files - is a specialized routine for those who have the Publisher Module installed and are making batch AAF files for the AVID. This routine runs a check on the selected files.

Match Filepaths - Given a text file with FilePath’s as its content, this will show you all the matching records. Useful when you need to bring back records from an external system.

Connect to Musicminer - applies only to those system connected to and on the same LAN as our Musicminer web portal. With credentials it can pull in the playlists from that system.

Debug - Various options allowing a user to upload or send logs and other items that may be useful in diagnosing issues. This menu changes from time to time as we create diagnostic routines.

Use Multichannel CoreAudio - This allows one to use a coreaudio interface with many channels as opposed to the built in or Rewire options for monitoring.

Key Commands - expanding list of options where user can view the key commands.

Audition Skip Silence - by default this is checked and will skip silence at the beginning of the file and play from first modulation.

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