This pane offers a few extended options over the waveform area of the browser. For colour controls see the general colour preference pane. In most cases these options which are the default is what most users will want.

View Timeline - Refers to the time measurement scale and unchecking it means you will not see time scale in the waveform area except in the left hand Radar area.

View Artwork - This shows the artwork associated with the file on the right side of the waveform. It can be useful to some, but if you don’t care about viewing the artwork, you can portion that section back to make the waveform a bit larger.

View Autodetected Regions - when checked, the player will autodetect region in a file that may have many individual items, like hits or footsteps.

And the sensitivity can be controlled at the bottom right of the waveform

These mini tools allow you to quickly advance through each auto detected region (keys ’N’ or Next and ‘P’ for Previous and ‘C’ for Capture.). The control for auto detection looks like:

View Track Labels - When checked, this looks at the metadata which is often part of polyphonic files that identify and label legs of a multichannel file, and will be displayed overtop of the waveform…

View Wave Markers - when checked, field recorder markers on WAV files or markers made by some other applications that use the same standard are visible. You can generate markers in wave files, but right clicking on the waveform.

View Drag Transfer Bar - When checked, a small hand icon will appear at the top of the waveform which enables dragging from the waveform. Keep in mind that unchecking view Drag Transfer bar will mean you cannot employ the smart Drag feature.

Zoom - The default quick keys for Zoom in/out are [ and ] respectively. You can also set up a quick Zoom point, for example, a 5 second section and use Zoom toggle / to jump in and out. Very useful for dialog editors to zoom into a sentence. The zoom will be centred around your mouse cursor point. In addition, if viewing very long sounds and you want to automatically start partially zoomed by adjusting the zoom max duration.

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