Hasp(Sentinel) keys are shipped from Soundminer and cannot be purchased locally like iLok keys. There are two kinds: A single station HL pro key(purple) and a network key(red).


A single station key is designed to operate locally on a single workstation. It simply requires the installation of the Hasp HL driver which is available at the URL page noted above. Network keys are designed to be installed on a central computer acting as the license server. Instructions for server/client setups are detailed in the above page link.

HASP key have unique serial numbers embedded in the key. This is NOT the number printed on the outside of the key. To see your serial number, you need to visit the preference pane of your software.

Please Note: Having a NetKey does not mean you have Soundminer Server. It simply means you are distributing your licenses via your network as opposed to hanging individual USB keys on each terminal.

Users with older Hasp 4 keys will not be able to run 4.5 or v5. You will need to either transfer your license to iLok (fees apply) or buy a new Codemeter or HaspHL key to replace the older Hasp 4 key.

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