Combine Files

A lot of sound libraries will have individual hits or events in single sound files. You may find it prefable to combine those files into one new file with all the files combined one after another. This makes using the files in Radium that much easier.

To combine files you want them to have the same number of channels and usually the same sample rate or bitdepth. If they don’t match, this is considered an error and you’ll be alerted. However you can downsample or upsample to a common samplerate / bit depth using one of the options at the top of the window.

The next section controls the new file, where it should be stored, what format and name should it use.

Then you have the spacing. If the sounds you are combining have a natural bit of silence at the end you can keep this at 0. If you want a bit of natural digital silence you can set that here.

The final two options allow you to pre-make radium region definitions. Each file that is comped will identify as a Radium Region. You can also auto create wav markers that show up in other applications using the original filename as the label.

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