The MIRROR is a powerful batch conversion feature. It is a database function and therefore found in the main Database menu:

This allows a user to make a batch copy of any database or portion thereof in any supported format, complete with all the metadata copied over and all the original folder/category hierarchy in place or a new organization applied. In essence, it makes a mirror copy of your selection in an alternate format but retains all the original metadata and folder structure or can apply a custom structure on output. The Mirror option is currently located in the DATABASE menu

The Mirror window allows you to control everything about the ‘copy’ right down to the filename using our advanced file naming algorithm. The Mirror pane allows you to select the Sample Rate (up to 192khz!), the bit depth (16 or 24), the file type (Wave, AIFF and FLAC *option come standard and MP3 and AAF/MXF are an optional module.) and you can create your own string based for file naming after the fact. You can also MIRROR quickly to a new file format keeping sampling rate and bit depth as in the original.

M/S implementation – Soundminer transfers as stereo. When mirroring the user can choose to ignore the M/S decoder and transfer the file decoded, keeping m/s in the channel layout, otherwise its decoded and L/R goes into the channel layout.

What is the Publishers Module? This is a highly specific option for Pro users that licenses full batch mirroring in AAF/MXF format on a yearly basis and is priced based on the size of the distributed library. It is primarily designed for music content creators and publishers who need to deliver content to AVID Media Composer facilities. The AVID Media Composer will strip any and all metadata from a file when importing so as to reset the file for use within its own database system. This, of course, doesn’t help composers and publishers and so we created a workflow to aid music content creators in the process. This feature reads the master metadata and converts the audio stream into the AVID native MXF format while wrapping the metadata in a manner that the AVID can then recognize and use. The result is the metadata winds up in the AVID bin along with the file. It is a highly specific process and as such separated from the default features of Pro. The Publisher module also enables mp3 conversion using the mirror function within V5Pro.

Mirroring AAF

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