Radium is a built in sampler that allows you to very quickly layer and manipulate sounds without needing to transcode or keymap. Its not meant to be a replacement for the big bohemeth samplers. It excels however, in its ability to be integrated so tightly with your database and sounds, arguably making it a great fit for layered, experimental sound design.

You have the ability to stack multiple sounds together, and have individual control of each tracks(‘slot’) parameters. These include tuning of the original sample, built in fx, an amplitude & pitch envelope, and multiple modiulators. The amplitude envelope allows you to draw in volume changes to the sample, that will play back wherever you press down on the keyboard. The pitch envelope does the same for pitch, allowing you to draw in pitch curves that happen at a certain spot in the audio file. Have a sound quickly ramp down after an initial explosion. This drawn in pitch will also play back relative to whatever key you hit on the keyboard. But for what’s its intended to do, its got some pretty unique features that you won’t find in many other products.

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