Apple Events

Apple Events

The newest version of Soundflow has built in support for some of Soundminer’s most common commands. These include going to the next record / previous record, playing, setting the current pitch, transferring, etc.

If you are familiar with applications like Keyboard Maestro you can trigger these Apple Events yourself. The syntax is

tell application "Soundminer v5Pro"
    «event SNDMnext»
end tell

You make the angled brackets by using alt/option \ for the starting bracket, and alt/option SHIFT \ for the closing.

So to do the above you’d type… Option L event SNDMnext option shift L

By enclosing it in these brackets and using the event keyword you are telling AppleScript to send a raw Apple Event of type SNDM with a parameter of next. Soundminer listen’s to events of type SNDM(for SouNDMiner!). So to do other things you replace the next with other keywords…

  • SNDMnext - goto next record
  • SNDMprev - goto previous record
  • SNDMplay - start playback
  • SNDMstop - stop playback
  • SNDMspot - spot the current sound

There are also a few commands that take a parameter, lets take pitch for example.

«event SNDMptch» 0.5

This will set the pitch to 50%… valid ranges are from 0.0001 to 2.0 (for double the speed)

«event SNDMposi» 0.5

This will set the current playback position… with 0.0 being the start of the file, 1.0 being right at the end(so pretty useless to locate to the end!) In the above example, this will locate the playback to be halfway through the file.

«event SNDMvzom» 3.0

This will adjust the vertical zoom, it acts as a multiple… Normal is 1.0… valid range is 1.0-5.0

«event SNDMwfrn»

Runs the current workflow

«event SNDMempt» 

Load into the next empty Radium slot

«event SNDMfcus»

Give the search box focus

«event SNDMactv»

Make the main window active… you can combine multiple so…

tell application "Soundminer v5" 
    «event SNDMactv»
    «event SNDMfcus»
end tell

That will activate the main window and then put the cursor in the search box

«event SNDMmtrk» false

To toggle spotting to mono track off. For this to work interleaved transfers should be off

«event SNDMmtrk» true

To toggle spotting to mono track on

«event SNDMintl» true / false  

To toggle interleaved transfers on / off

So typically you want to turn chain a few together again…

tell application "Soundminer v5Pro"
    «event SNDMintl» false
    «event SNDMmtrk» true
end tell

That will set interleaved off(so split), and then to mono tracks

«event SNDMgslt» 1 

Goto first slot in Radium, 5 to go to the last slot. Just as if you had clicked on the slot track.

«event SNDMsprn» 1

Spot as region true or false

«event SNDMslct» "/This spottingFolder"  

Allows selecting a spotting folder from an Apple Event

«event SNDMrefo» 1 

Turn Reference Original on or 0 to turn off

«event SNDMorig» 1 

Turn ‘use Source SampleRate/BitDepth on transfers’

«event SNDMmbed» 

Embeds metadata into the selected files

«event SNDMopen» "Soundminer_DB"

Opens a specific database

Why do I care?

You can trigger these events using a controller like Steam Deck. Some applications allow triggering apple events with MIDI Commands. So without having Soundminer as the foreground application you can trigger certain things to happen.

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