Freelance Mode

Freelance Mode

V5 products have the ability to automatically work off an attached drive so that no support documents are placed on the internal local hard drive. This allows the user to easily carry their sound library, along with their databases and preferences together if traveling or needing to work in other facilities. This is called Freelance mode.

In order to work in Freelance mode, put the V5/V5Pro application on an attached drive and name a folder at top hierarchy “Soundminer V5 Support”. When a V5 application launches it will see this folder and know to operate in Freelance mode. From that point onward, it will read from that location on the drive and not the user library location on the internal computer.

How to setup and use Freelance mode is also detailed in this older but still relevant tutorial movie:

NOTE: Be aware large databases require some significant drive space locally. For example, a database with 250,000 records will require about 250 MBs of disk space. This will vary depending on the amount of metadata embedded in the files.


The speed of searching is directly related to the speed of your drive hosting the database. For this reason try to make your freelance drive a SSD or USB3 drive.

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