Watched Folders

Let’s say you are in a place with multiple editors working on a show, with access to a “show box”. People are always putting files in there, updating them with new metadata. Do you want to always be checking for new files by (remember to turn on “check for dupes”), then waiting while it scans all those files, that won’t pick up changes in the metadata though, so you’d have to figure that out somehow… or you just have this running in the background…

Or you are a librarian… you know how long it takes to manually find changed sounds when it has to traverse multiple folders with upwards of a million records to find a few new files… Well… this is much more optimized… So I wouldn’t use it to do a BIG scan… but for finding updates, works a treat.

Or…. just having it a database attached to your audio files folder in ProTools/Reaper… as you generate new content there, it could be getting “added” automatically(to a degree)…

V5Pro adds the option to create watched folders for specific databases. As new content is added within the designated folder, it will be auto-examined and it then notifies you allowing you to accept or reject synchronization.Multiple databases can be assigned in this manner.

When new content is found and examined, there is a flashing alert in your interface near the top right. When you click on it, it will show you the folder names where new content or updates have been found and when you click SYNC TO DATABASE, it will complete the update and add the files to your database.

The idea is you give a particular database a folder to “monitor”, now whenever you select this database(there is room for future improvements here), in the background(this is the important bit… you can keep working!) It basically does a small background scan of all the items to see if the database knows about them.

It then presents an indicator, so that when the editor is ready they can click it, and then add / update those files to the database.

A way to keep your database in sync with what’s on the drive… or have it monitor your audio session folder, so as new material goes in there the database is kind of updated automatically.

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