Intelligent Transfers

Intelligent Transfers or IQ transfer apply only when creating new copies(not referencing) and it looks at the target to first see if the file already exists and tries to use that to cut down on unnecessary copies. It is turned on in Preferences>Transfers

When not using IQ transfers, V5 will look at the transfer path and if the file exists, it will make a new copy but append a ‘-1’ to the file. With IQ transfers turned on, it additionally inspects any files that match and if it finds one tries to use it.

For example, let’s say you generated a file call ARPL_FlyByMOD.wav (you pitched it down and chose a section 30 s to 45 seconds in on a 60 second file).

Now you find the same sound later on, forgetting you’ve transferred it and try to transfer again. Normally soundminer would do re-transfer it and add a _1 on the end. Now it looks at that transferred file and compares the selection to the file already in the target folder. If the user wants to transfer from 35 seconds in to 40 seconds in, and that is within my bounds(takes handles into account as well) of what has already been transferred, it uses the existing file instead of re-copying. It also checks: sum to mono? No plugins? and if all checks out it reuses what you have thereby saving you unnecessary copies.

You get the benefits of reference original(the ability to keep “one” copy so to speak in a session, which makes replacement super easy). You cut in the same door latch sounds in LOST and now want to replace them all. Its just one file!

It takes spot as region into account, sample rate / bit depth and all those things. The plugins are a SNAPSHOT, just like the dsp rack presets. However some plugins return different PresetData even if nothing changed. In those cases the IQ Transfers won’t work as it sees the plugins have changed(even if they haven’t).

If the first file didn’t match it goes onto the next (-1, then -2 etc) checking each one, eventually if it doesn’t find a file anymore it generates a new one just like the old behaviour.

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