If your license was registered for iLok use, you would either have purchased an iLok key from your local dealer or are using your existing iLok key to hold the Soundminer authorization.

All iLok physical dongles are supported(v1,v2,v3). If this is the first iLok application you are installing, then you will need to install the iLok License manager/driver first. You can get this and instruction on how to use iLok keys at Please note that with version 4.5 there are specific versions for iLok, HASP & Codemeter. Make sure to launch the appropriate one for your licensing.

Quickstart from

As the Quickstart notes, a user will need to move their license from their account to a synchronized iLok usb key associated with their account. If Soundminer senses it is missing, it will throw up this alert and allow you to go to the PACE site to get the driver/license manager.

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