Metadata Workflow - Process If

A new action i’m working on that’ll show up in v226 or higher is a Process If action.

To use it, you put it at the top of your workflow chain, and if it matches it’ll continue down the chain, otherwise the metadata is untouched.

Lets say you have a bunch of files in Soundminer, and you want all the files with AMB in the filename to have Ambience as the category. You could do an advanced search in Soundminer for ‘amb’ in Filename, then select the files, and run the workflow, OR just keep the files selected, and pop in a Process If workflow.

Its not finalized yet, but actions occurring before the “process-if” might still apply. That way you could put the action in the middle of a workflow that set some generic fields, and then have it do specialized things for those that match after!

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