Auto Fades in Soundminer

Quite often it’d be nice to always have a fade out applied to your transfers. Just to ensure the audio has a nice clean zero-crossing, so if a compressor or something get’s added to your DAW track you don’t have clicks and pops.

It might also be useful if you are using Soundminer RECord function as demonstrated in this video. The video shows a typical problem of throwing on a reverb and the click going into the reverb tail. By applying an audition fade out, and setting the vst tail in the main preferences to something like 5 seconds, I can record the output and know that it’ll be nice and clean.

You can set the fade out by clicking on the +/- keys, or by clicking one of those buttons and dragging left or right while you hold the mouse down.

The only thing to watch for is visually the fade out shows the audition fade out which is always end of the region, in the case of handles or spot as region, it actually is at the end of the transferred section(which would be desirable… you wouldn’t want it fading out in the middle!)

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