Soundminer now supports a lot of upmixing/multi-channel plugins.

You can now use plugins to upmix 2 channels to multichannel, or use panners, and in most cases, Soundminer will take care of swapping the audio channels around to keep the plugins happy. All of the Waves plugins work great in here. In the VST rack window just toggle on that you want to transfer the same number of outputs that the plugin provides. This means, that if a plug in is 6 channels (5.1) you’ll get 6 channels out when you transfer, even if your source file is a mono or stereo file.

Another use is to use the SurroundZone plugin to take Ambisonic source material (labeleld in the ChannelLayout as blank or /A1/A2/A3/A4) and render it however you like.

Watch below for a video demonstration.

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