Source Field

The source field in Soundminer is a special field. It looks like a regular field, but if it follows a certain format, other fields are derived from its content.

If you look at the screenshot above you should notice a pattern. By entering in data into the Source field, the Volume and Track fields are automatically filled in from the contents of the Source.

The format is VOLUME_Track or VOLUME/TRACK. Indexes(from old cd’s) can be described using the following notation. VOLUME_TRACK.INDEX or VOLUME_TRACK:INDEX or VOLUME_TRACK_INDEX. Tracks and Indexes have to be numeric(digits 0-9 only).

So the following are all ok… the zero padding in front of some numbers is just for aligning the source field visually. 01, 001, will all be stored as ‘1’ in the track or index field.

  • 3D-01_01
  • 3D-01/01
  • 3D-01_01.01
  • 3D-01/01.01
  • 3D-01_1:1
  • 3D-01_1:01

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