Database Action Script

Database actions allow you to execute a script whenever you change databases. You can modify most preferences, including what columns are being viewed, and transfer settings.

Launch, then go to the hammer and wrench icon and Show Support Folder, then go into Soundminer folder, and then into database_scripts

You can download an example script that matches up with the default Soundminer_db database. Put it into this folder, then toggle to another database and back…

It looks like this…

cocoaPrefs = {
   referenceOriginal = false,
   transferPath = '/Users/soundminer/Desktop',
   sampleRate = 48000,
   bitDepth = 24,
   interleaved = true,

You’d rename the sample scriptfile to match your database name. In the case of a server database, you’d name it with the Ω sign(which you can enter by hitting option Z)

Remove anything you don’t want to change, the only caveat is there needs to be a comma on every line EXCEPT the last one. (So if you removed the namingConvention line, you’d also need to remove the , after ‘Category’},

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