Split iXML Files

When using split multi-mono production dialog tracks, Soundminer wouldn’t pick up the iXML Track Layout from all the stems. The reason for this is mostly legacy. While when embedding, the program does embed to all legs, traditionally all the infomation for a sound could be gleaned by looking at the first leg.

This speeds up scanning, as it can read the info from a .L and pretty much skip over .R(and others).

While this works great most of the time, there are situations where you’ll get this…


While I hope to make the next portion automatic at some point, in the interim you’ll need to run a separate process after scanning. You’ll scan the files in as normal, then select the ones you want to collect other leg info from and then from the hammer and wrench menu choose Scan for Split iXML Track Info.


Afterwards, everything should look right, and match up with what you would see if the files were polyphonic.


This feature is currently in v4Pro build v189 and higher

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