Finder metadata in wav files

With v214 of Soundminer, any metadata you embed(or transfer) into wav files will have some of their data ingested and displayed by the Finder. For this to work spotlight needs to be enabled on the drive with the audio on it.

The current mappings(spotlight only imports these fields, but we can control what goes in them…) are…

  • Title : TrackTitle or FXName(if TrackTitle is blank, tries FXName)
  • Musical Genre : Category
  • Comment : Description
  • Author : Artist or Designer or Composer or Manufacturer(keeps going down the list until it finds one that isn’t blank)
  • Copyright : TrackYear(if missing then first 4 digits of ReleaseDate) Manufacturer (Library) URL

There’s a nice side affect to this. That same data is searchable within spotlight.


ID3 tags are also embedded into .wav files which some other programs use. (iTunes & Spotlight reads them in .aif and .mp3 files but unfortunately not .wav)

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